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Hi, I’m Dr. Nawwaf, a Medical Doctor, passionate about helping people live their best and healthiest lives, mentoring aspiring medical doctors. I’m also big on technology, photography and traveling. I’ve been serving the general public since 2013, by promoting Health through Education.I encourage my family and friends with healthy life tips to help them live their healthiest lives.I believe in the popular saying “Prevention is better than Cure” so I proactively preach Preventive Medicine. I would only resort to recommending any Allopathic Pharmaceutical Drugs when I have thoroughly exhausted Lifestyle Modification Methods, Prophylactic Methods, Homeopathic (Natural) Methods. I follow this method of treatment not for expedient sake, but because I don’t think the best Medical Doctor is the one who is quick to prescribe dozens of synthetic drugs to his patients which has a lot if adverse effects

Theme: …Levelling up HealthCare to meet the new age demands through sophisticated Technologies…


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